About Us


BOGATE is based in ALUVA in KERALA. Providing the best solution and services to customers all over INDIA.

Many system integrators work with us on their projects for ATEAS VMS, Industrial grade network products, customized servers and storage. Our ANPR / ALPR products are serving many customers.

Boget Techno Solution is India's leading independent security technology integrator and provider of worker protection services. we've been working with leading public and personal companies to enhance security for over 40 years.

Accredited to a high industry standard and collaborating with leading CCTV, access control and PSIM providers, we offer blue-chip customers innovative technology solutions across a good sort of security environments.

It underscores a passion for recognizing and adopting key technology trends and specific providers to offer our customers unique value. Our ecosystem of specialist partners and services doesn't allow us to deal with the foremost demanding security applications.

Our independence, in-house expertise, passion for service excellence, and a diary of addressing a number of the foremost complex security projects in India and therefore the Middle East, set us apart and make sure that our customers have a culture. Ability to require on any assignment.

Why CCTV Secure ?

What you see you believe. Many software solutions are available based on CCTV cameras. Advanced security features are implemented in VMS solutions. Many AI based applications are based on CCTV.

How Will bighost Beneficary?

CCTV systems can be used for various installations. Many automation can be realized through a proper CCTV system. This will ease many daily life in public

What is the Process?

Our company provides quality products and services. You just need to contact us and we there to help you.